🛡️ Privacy Policy of Smilco


At Smilco, we deeply respect the privacy of our visitors and customers. Your online safety and the security of your information are of utmost importance to us. Below, we outline our privacy policy to help you understand how we use your information.

1. Information Collection

  • Types of Information Collected: We collect a variety of information when you use our site, including your Email, Name, Company Name, Street Address, Post Code, City, Country, Telephone Number, Password, etc.
  • Collection Methods: Information is collected via cookies, which compile non-personally identifiable information, and through personally identifiable information such as credit card and bank account numbers.

2. Use of Information

  • Site Experience: To enhance your experience, by minimizing the need for repetitive information entry.
  • Service Efficiency: Quickly find information, products, and services.
  • Content Relevance: Create site content that is relevant to your interests.
  • Updates and Alerts: Alert you to new information, products, and services we offer.
  • Registration and Ordering: Personal information used for billing, order fulfillment, communication about orders and Smilco.live offerings, and internal marketing purposes.
  • Email Addresses: For order processing and promotional notices. Participation in contests is voluntary with the option for information disclosure.

3. Privacy Security

  • Non-Disclosure: We do not sell, trade, or rent personally identifiable information to others. Our business practices prioritize your privacy.
  • Technology and Confidentiality: Utilization of encryption technology and confidentiality agreements with employees to protect your information.

Communication with Customers

  • Email Content: Includes transaction details, shipping and delivery notifications, weekly deals, special promotions, exclusive deals, competitions, giveaways, and special activities.

Website Use Agreement

  • IP Address and Currency Conversion: By using our website, you agree to allow third parties to process your IP address for currency conversion purposes. This includes storing the converted currency in a session cookie in your browser.

Support Center

  • Assistance and Queries: For any questions or assistance, our support center is always available to help you.