About Us

"Freedom in Transformation, Natural Beauty, Letting You Smile with Confidence"

The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Freedom

Personal Style Extension: Wigs as more than hair accessories - they are an extension of personal style.
Versatility in Fashion: Embracing the freedom of changing hairstyles with ease and comfort.

Style as You Wish, Without Constraints

Designed for Freedom: Wigs crafted for adaptability to mood, outfit, or occasion.
Lifestyle Alignment: Ensuring harmony between your hairstyle and lifestyle.

Pursuing Authenticity and Lightness

Natural and Real: Focus on making each wig look natural and indistinguishable from real hair.
Comfort and Experience: Lightweight and comfortable, offering an exceptional wearing experience.

Confidence in Every Smile

Empowerment Through Design: Each wig is designed to boost confidence and individual charm.
Crafting Beauty and Possibilities: More than just wigs, they are symbols of beauty and confidence.

A Canvas of Creativity and Quality

Commitment to Quality: From Lace Wigs to Braided Hair and Holiday Wigs, our range exemplifies our dedication to quality.
Customer-Focused Service: Blending chic design with a focus on empowering customers.

Global Reach, Personal Touch

Expanding Excellence: Extending services across North America, Europe, and Australia with further expansion plans.
Personalized Experience: Bringing the Smilco experience directly to your doorstep.

The Natural Art of Wig Making

Seamless Blending: Each wig is pre-bleached for a natural blend with your style.
Crafting Excellence: Offering the essence of Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian hair.

Our Mission: Elevating Beauty, One Strand at a Time

Focus on Queen’s Beauty: Making Beautiful Women Even More Beautiful. Stay Current and Elegant: Access to the most elegant and trendy hair products.
Unmatched Quality and Value: High-quality products at the best prices. Authenticity and Quality: A client-led approach with a focus on real hair products.
Adapting and Advancing: Dedicated to evolving while remaining steadfast in our mission.

🌍 Expand with Us: Seeking Regional Agents

Join the Smilco Family

At Smilco, we are continually looking to grow and expand our reach. We invite you to become a part of our journey!

Opportunity Awaits

  • We are actively seeking agents to represent Smilco in various regions worldwide.
  • Partner with us to bring Smilco's quality products to your area.

Contact Us to Explore Possibilities

  • Interested in becoming a regional agent for Smilco? Reach out to us to discuss potential collaboration.
  • Let’s work together to explore new horizons and opportunities!

Get in Touch

  • For more information and to express your interest, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can grow together.

International Presence:

  • Collaborations with agents in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy.



🌟 Join Our E-Commerce Journey: Seeking SNS Influencers

Partner with Smilco for a Brighter Future

A Call to Influencers!

  • Are you a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Key Opinion Consumer (KOC), or an influencer on social media platforms?
  • We are looking for dynamic individuals like you to join our e-commerce journey and build a remarkable path together.

Let's Grow Together

  • Collaborate with Smilco to expand your influence and our brand presence.
  • Be a part of an exciting journey to reshape the beauty and fashion landscape.

What We Offer

  • An opportunity to engage with a vibrant community.
  • Collaborate on unique, creative projects and campaigns.
  • Leverage our platform to amplify your voice and impact.

Join Our Team

  • We believe in building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our influencers.
  • Be a part of a team that values creativity, innovation, and community impact.

Reach Out and Connect

  • Interested in becoming an influencer with Smilco?
  • Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate and create something extraordinary together.


📌 Company Information

Company Name: Tracklink Trading INC

U.S. Office Address:

  • Ste G, 4700 Miller Dr, Temple City, CA, 91780

China Office Address:

  • Company Name: Qingdao Shangkou Hair Products Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 9 Jinger Rd., Yiwu, Zhejiang